FXX off road package now only $695 “We can ship to you!”

Being 6′ tall I found that my FXX was a bit cramped for my frame and was difficult to ride standing in technical areas. Also the engine was very vulnerable to damage when doing log and rock crossings. We designed and are producing the HEAVY DUTY OFF ROAD package shown here so you can get the fullest enjoyment from your FXX. The entire package (bar risers,foot peg lowering kit,skid plate and bark busters)2015-06-02 19.44.162015-05-05 13.53.202015-05-05 13.53.392015-05-05 13.54.36 takes about 2 hours to install with no cutting or drilling required on your part….just Bolt on and Play!!  Full instructions are included. Please email or call with any questions or to order.

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