CCW bikes and LOOK under parts for the FXX Off Road Package

The CCW Heist offered at $3295 USD is an affordable bike for any collection; beginner or pro. It’s beautiful stock however if you want to customize the Heist’s style or performance, we offer aftermarket exhaust systems, motor mods & brake kits. If you aren’t the wrenching type or want extra protection our certified technicians can install any upgrades prior to shipment. All genuine OEM & aftermarket accessories installed by PIT Motors LTD, carry our full warranty with guaranteed installation prior to delivery.


This is as close as it gets to a factory custom!  CMC has built hundreds of custom Cleveland CycleWerks motorcycles.  If you are looking for something “more then stock”, send us an email.  We do it all from mild to wild, custom components, to complete one off fabrication.

CCW’s Ace is what we consider the “standard” motorcycle.  Beautiful design, simple frame, low seat height and under 300 lbs (dry).  The Ace is a great commuter and perfect for around town with daily highway jaunts.  This is yet another blank canvas from CCW.  Ride it stock or make it your own.

The Ace Standard is designed to look the part of your classic standard motorcycle, with many upgraded features that will not make it ride like a sled from the past.

The Ace Deluxe is designed to serve a more dual purpose or scrambler look.  With aluminum wheels, inverted forks, a slightly raised front fender, wide bars, dual surface tires and a flat comfy seat.  The Ace deluxe is a slight upgrade from the “standard”.

With over 80MPG and 70MPH+ cruising, priced under $3300 (in the USA) and a beautiful classic look.  The Ace is sure to make you feel like one.

CCW’s Misfit is just that.  A classically styled Cafe’ bike with a hint of GP bikes from the past.  The Misfit mixes classic styling cues with modern bits to improve the ride and visual appeal.  From the front and rear wave rotors, to the dual piston calipers, the braided and bonded stainless brake lines, inverted forks, air assist remote reservoir rear shocks (with pre-load adjustment).  The Misfit is packed with features that you would not normally find on a classic sled.  Hidden underneath the rear cowl is a flat seat for 2 up duty.  With over 80MPG and 70MPH+ cruising, priced under $3300 (in the USA) and a beautiful classic look.  The Misfit is ready for duty, from cafe’ to cafe’ you will ride in style.  As we currently sell in 12+ countries, please check with your local distributor if you want to know all detailed specifications.

The FXx is not a dirt bike, it is not a mountain bike, it is a cross between the two.  A small, lightweight bike that can take you to places and allow you to do things that heavier and bigger bikes can’t.